The vignerons

Brad and Cheryl Hutchings are passionate vignerons

“Vines have been grown at Savina Lane for more than 50 years. We are passionate about this lovely little slice of the Granite Belt and strive to achieve good eco-credentials, designing our facilities to avoid the need for air conditioning, spraying only natural compounds wherever possible and using only organic fertilisers” says Brad.

Before coming to Savina Lane, Brad spent a long working life as a consultant in horticulture, agri-business, marketing and project development and Cheryl was a writer and Creative Director in the advertising industry – but the couple’s passion has always been good wine and Brad’s lifetime goal has been to get his hands back into the earth. 

“We were fortunate that renowned winemaker Mike Hayes agreed to make our wines when we approached him in 2011.  Mike has just been awarded the prestigious Australian Winemaker of the Year 2017 by the Australian Society of Viticulture & Oenology. He is also a Churchill Fellow and Adjunct Professor at the University of Southern Queensland.” 



gold grapevine