White Wines

Savina Lane currently offers two aromatic white wine varieties with recent plantings of a third. 


    A fruity but dry aromatic white variety that originated in Campania in Italy. Believed by many to have once been enjoyed by the Romans as ‘apianum’ it is considered a classic variety due to its more than 2000-year history. A perfect match for most seafood dishes, cheeses and fruit platters, it also pairs well with Asian cuisines, especially sushi. We have released the 2021 Fiano Classico and have reasonable stocks.


    A versatile aromatic white variety from the Basque country in the south of France and in the French Pyrenees. A legendary wine in its region, but virtually unknown outside it. The 2021 vintage has now been released. Sadly there was no 2020 produced due to smoke taint from bush fires.


We planted 1000 Viognier vines late 2021 and although it will be a few more years before this luscious wine is available, we are looking forward to it enormously.

gold grapevine